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Dogs rescued from puppy farms will suffer many physical and psychological issues.


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In the past year, we have spent £50,000 on urgent care and rehabilitation.

In this area of our work, we see some of the most upsetting and extreme cases of animal neglect: dogs used as breeding machines then discarded, and puppies callously thrown away if they are suffering from health issues and cannot be sold for profit.

At Mayhew, we see first-hand the devastating effects of puppy farming.

While we are working to tackle the root causes through our outreach work, and joining the sector wide call for tougher legislation, there are still many abused, sick and traumatised dogs who desperately need our help.

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Can you help us save more puppies like these?

Thanks to the tireless work of our AWOs and the love and care of our expert Vet and Kennels teams, animals like Caesar, Buddy and Cyril have had a second chance at life. However there are many more animals urgently need our help and we need your support so we can continue our vital work.

Please help us raise £50,000 to give a life to dogs rescued from puppy farms who deserve to know what it is to be loved.

could provide flea and worm treatment for a dog that comes into our care

could provide a vet consultation as the first step in treating a sick animal rescued by our AWOs

could go towards providing blood tests and analysis for a sick animal

could provide a course of ear or eye treatment for infections that result from poor living conditions

A life free from pain and trauma

Luckily Caesar, Cyril and Buddy are now safe and free from pain: they are the fortunate ones who we have been able to help escape the harsh realities of puppy farming. Caesar and Buddy recuperated well in our care and are now both thoroughly enjoying life with their new families. Meanwhile, with the love and care of our Vet and Kennels teams, little Cyril has slowly recovered. He is revealing himself to be a loving and playful boy, ready for a fresh start and a forever home.

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