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    Socks is delighted with his brand new home! With a big garden to explore, curious and lovable Socks is in…

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    Blaze has settled in really well and grown so much since finding his forever home. A really active purr-machine, Blaze is…

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    World Mental Health Day – How Dogs Can Help the Elderly Through TheraPaws®

    Those of us who own a pet know that they can make you very happy, but recent scientific research* has…

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    World Animal Day and The Mayhew

    World Animal Day is a day to speak up for animals who have no voice and to improve welfare standards…

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    Animal Welfare Officer Month: Cat found covered in petrol

    [donate text=”Make a one-off donation now to help animals like Diesel”] [link type=”primary” text=”Or set up a small regular donation”…

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    Eating Happiness – the true nature of dog meat consumption in Asia

    “Eating Happiness” is the first call-to-action documentary exposing the true nature of dog meat consumption in Asia, produced by World…

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    Animal Welfare Officer month: Rabbit found abandoned near a canal

    Our Animal Welfare Officers were recently alerted to abandoned rabbit who had been dumped in a box near a canal…

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    World Rabies Day 28th September

    Every day is a struggle for street dogs across the world, but the needless suffering from infection and disease is preventable. Please support World Rabies Day this year by donating just £10 for a rabies jab pack.

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    Animal Welfare Officer month: Mummy cat and kittens dumped

    A mother cat and her four kittens were dumped on The Mayhew’s doorstep last month, crammed into a cat carrier….

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