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A statement from Mayhew

Monday 2 March 2020

At Mayhew, we understand that any situation involving the potential euthanasia of an animal is distressing. It is always the last possible resort our team of animal lovers would consider, and we empathise with everyone asking questions in relation to a case of this nature involving a border collie in our care, Benji.

Mayhew was issued with an injunction in relation to Benji last week. We needed to engage our legal team in response to this to represent us in the initial and any subsequent court dates. Because of this, we are restricted in the comments we are able to make publically, but we feel it is important to clarify what we can at this time.

The case has been stayed for six weeks by the court to allow the matter to be resolved without any further costs incurred by either side, which Mayhew of course wants to avoid. Until we have a resolution, Benji will stay in our newly refurbished kennels, in the care of our expert team.

Mayhew strives to never end a healthy animal’s life. As an animal welfare charity which has served our community for over 130 years, we also take our duty of care extremely seriously and have long-standing policies and procedures – in line with other animal charities – which we follow to ensure that we do not rehome animals who may be a danger to themselves, other animals or humans. Our euthanasia policy is available on our website:

Our qualified team have decades of animal behaviour experience and always act with cats’ and dogs’ welfare front of mind. Considering euthanasia is always the last resort. This specific case is nuanced and sensitive, and we are continuing to explore all possible options. All decisions made have and will continue to be based on the most responsible animal welfare outcome.

We do understand the distress a situation like this can cause. Everyone at Mayhew is an animal lover first and foremost and this includes the human beings behind our social media accounts, emails and telephones. We urge everyone to treat our people with the tolerance and politeness they would expect in return. Thank you.