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  • Gifts for dogs and their owners experiencing homelessness

    Introducing our range of virtual gifts in partnership with homelessness charity, Crisis, designed to make a real difference to vulnerable owners and their pets.

    Homelessness is devastating, and a dog can be the only companion for someone who doesn’t have a place to call home.

    Crisis and Mayhew have been working together since 2007 to bring warmth and support to dogs and their owners experiencing homelessness. This year, the two charities have collaborated on an extra special initiative – a range of five virtual gifts designed to make a real difference to vulnerable owners and their pets.

    Please note, these gifts are no longer available. Why not take a look at our other gifts that make a difference?

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    How will the gifts make a difference?

    By purchasing one of these gifts, we can continue to help people through community projects such as our Pet Refuge programme. We provide shelter and care for the pets of people in need for short periods of time. This could be due to an owner being hospitalised, going to rehab or needing respite for example. We ensure that the animal receives the best possible care and is placed in a safe environment for the duration of the crisis period.

    For many people facing a personal crisis, our service is a lifeline. It keeps people and their pets together.

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    Supporting Crisis Christmas Centres

    Every year, Mayhew supports Crisis Christmas Centres, where we provide thorough health checks and veterinary care for homeless dogs, whilst their owners receive help and advice from Crisis. Each dog is able to bed down in a purpose built temporary kennel, and receives food, blankets, a warm coat and a safety collar, and non-emergency medical care such as flea or worm treatment. Our Animal Welfare Officers then ensure the dogs are in good physical health, and monitor any ongoing issues. Our attending vets are also able to refer animals to our Community Vet Clinic for future treatment if necessary.