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Please give dogs like Lilly another chance at life


Saved from drowning

Many of us may have our most difficult Winter yet, but this year, we cannot forget about pets like Lilly. A poodle crossbreed was found in the Grand Union canal - cold, alone and just minutes from drowning. Two passers-by and their quick reactions, Lilly was saved from death. She arrived at Mayhew covered in putrid, muddy canal water and we couldn't be sure of any obvious injuries. She was taken straight in to be assessed and checked over by one of our vets. Lilly’s confidence was at rock bottom following her traumatic experience, she was incredibly nervous of people. Part of her overall treatment plan was to put her on foster in a loving and peaceful home rather than kennels. Lilly's foster carer really helped re-build Lilly’s confidence and we soon started to see Lilly bounce back into the sweet, fun-loving and caring dog that was always there. Lilly has now found a loving home from Jessica her new owner.


“When I saw Lilly’s profile on the website it was love at first sight. My partner and I knew that we could give her the quiet and caring home that she truly deserved. We couldn’t believe she had been through something so shocking. She is such a joy to have with us and makes us smile every day. She seems more confident all the time as she gets to know us and the area more, and she’s already queen of the sofa in our house! We love her so much and we’re so proud to be giving her a forever home.”

Jessica, Lilly's Owner

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