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Help support homeless pets like Lilibet and her kittens



When Lilibet arrived at Mayhew, it was clear she needed our help to find her a forever home along with her kittens. Lilibet and her kittens were found under a tarpaulin in the freezing cold. Fortunately, a member of the public called us to help and we saved their lives. Our team were on hand straight away to check over them all when they arrived. We will never turn our backs on cats like Lilibet and her kittens.

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Help homeless pets like Lililbet

£10 could go towards covering costs of neutering

£25 could help pay for the food and veterinary care needed by stray mother cats and kittens at Mayhew

£50 could help towards the rehoming costs for stray cats and their kittens, ensuring they have loving forever homes