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  • Keeping your cats and dogs safe on fireworks night
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    • 24 Oct, 2014

    Keeping your cats and dogs safe on fireworks night

    Guy Fawkes Night is marked with dazzling displays of fireworks. Whilst the fireworks may be enjoyable for humans, pets get scared of the banging and explosions.

    Our Animal Welfare Officer Paul Grimes says, “Fireworks time can be stressful for many animals so it’s best to have a plan of action in place to try and help pets cope with what can be a stressful and frightening period.”

    Here are some handy tips to keep your furry friends calm and content during celebrations:

    • Make sure all the doors, windows and pet flaps are securely closed.
      With all the commotion outside, your cat or dog may want to retreat to a quiet place, such as under the bed or in a cupboard. Allow them access to their sanctuary at all times as it helps them feel safe.
    • Never leave your pet alone on the nights when fireworks are abundant. The stress may cause them to panic and harm themselves.
    • Take your dog on a long afternoon walk and bring your pets inside before the fireworks start.
    • Bring all guinea pig or rabbit hutches indoors or into a secure garage or shed. Cover the hutch with a thick blanket to muffle the sound and screen the bright flashes of light.
    • Feed your pet their evening meal before the fireworks start. A heavy meal can help them feel calm and tired.
    • Close all windows and curtains as this will help to muffle the sound of the fireworks. To help distract them from the noises, turn on the television or play music. Alternatively give your dog a bone to chew on and your cat some toys to play with.
    • Act normal when a firework goes off; fussing over your pet when they are scared won’t help. If your pet sees that you are calm, they will feel calm too.
    • Think about investing in a pheromone diffuser. Adaptil (for dogs) and Feliway (for cats) release calming pheromones into the air which help comfort your pet. These are available to buy at The Mayhew Community Vet Clinic reception.

    Rescue centres like our own here in Kensal Green face a rising influx of stray cats and dogs that have escaped in panic at this time of year. To err on the side of caution, having your pet microchipped at The Mayhew Community Vet Clinic will give you greater chance of being reunited with your pet if this does happen. To book an appointment, please call 020 8962 8017.

    For any further advice on how to keep pets safe on fireworks night, pet owners can call our main reception on 020 8962 8000.

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