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    • 12 Nov, 2019

    In Their Shoes: Dr Razia, Mayhew International

    Back in June, we were proud to open the first-ever Animal Birth Control (ABC) Centre in Kabul.

    Created in conjunction with various Afghan authorities, the ABC centre will help humanely address the number of free-roaming dogs on Kabul’s streets as we start a neutering programme that runs in parallel with our successful vaccination project. Dr Razia, a newly qualified vet, works as a vet assistant at the centre to gain experience as part of a team that will neuter up to 200 dogs a week!

    You are a newly qualified vet – congratulations! Why did you decide to pursue a career in animal welfare?

    When I graduated from veterinary university I made a promise to myself that I must work for the improvement of animal health, so I chose Mayhew as it is a good organisation.

    It is still unusual to find women working as vets in Afghanistan. Did you face any difficulties in your journey to becoming qualified?

    Yes, there are many problems facing women in our society. For example, people think being a veterinarian isn’t a good career for a girl, and during my student period I had to stand and fight people’s ideas about that.

    Why did you want to work for Mayhew International?

    I heard about Mayhew from social media and my friends and wanted to get involved because Mayhew is a very good and professional organisation that works for animal health and animal welfare.ABC centre Mayhew International

    What does your role involve, and what is your favourite part?

    I work in the ABC Centre and my routine work is preparing the pre-med and drugs for surgery and monitoring the anaesthesia during the procedure. My favourite part of my job is when the dogs recover from surgery! I always check them and, if possible, pet them.

    What difference do you think the ABC Centre is going to make to dogs and people in Kabul?

    The people of Kabul will be happy and hopeful about our job and mission because the population of dogs will get under control.


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