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    • 09 Sep, 2016

    In Desperate Need

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    When our Animal Welfare Officers discovered Labrador and Collie cross, Ben, he was emaciated and living in very poor conditions. His owner came to us for help as they were struggling to look after him properly.

    His owner was living in very challenging conditions and was unable to provide the proper food, care and medical treatment Ben needed. Sadly, they had not understood Ben’s needs and not taken him to a vet, and eventually the situation became overwhelming. Thankfully, they reached out to The Mayhew just in time.

    When our Animal Welfare Officers went to pick up Ben he was incredibly thin, lying in a pool of diarrhoea and unable to use his back legs which had collapsed due to muscle weakness. The owner told our Officers that Ben had seemed fine until two weeks ago when he began losing weight, however due to the state that he was in, we suspect his condition had been deteriorating for much  longer than that.

    Ben_struggles to use his legs_web

    Ben struggled to his back legs due to muscle weakness

    Our Officers immediately brought Ben back to The Mayhew, where our vet team could tend to him and make him feel more comfortable. After inspection, our vets discovered that Ben was also  suffering from gut and digestion issues, and put him on a drip to get his strength back. We slowly started to introduce him to small meals to ease him back onto a healthy diet and, of course, gave him plenty of love and affection.

    On checking for identification on Ben we found that he was microchipped, but the contact details had not been updated and were still linked to his original owner. It did reveal Ben’s true date of birth however, and we were shocked to find that he is actually ten years old – the new owner had been told he was just three years old.

    ben with Kelly_web

    Mayhew Vet Nurse, Kelly, examines Ben

    Whilst Ben was recovering, our Animal Welfare Officers got to work tracking down his original owners. Sadly they found out that Ben’s original owner had died and their son had given him away years ago, so it’s possible poor Ben had been passed around from owner to owner many times.

    After receiving medical attention from our vets and lots of care and love from our kennels team, Ben started to recover and began to show his sweet-natured and affectionate character. As soon as he was fully recovered, neutered and ready for adoption, Ben found a home straight away. He has since settled in really well and is enjoying his new life in his loving home, and particularly enjoys cuddling up to his new owners and going on long walks to the park.

    ben in his new home_web

    Ben is enjoying his new life with his new loving owners

    At The Mayhew we help hundreds of people in crisis situations every year. We absolutely encourage people who are having problems looking after their pet to get in contact with us so we can see what we can do to help; we do not judge anyone and are here to help the animal and owner as much as we can.

    It is only because of the donations we receive from our supporters that we are able to help animals like Ben and their owners. Please could you help us to help even more by making a donation today?

    We need your support to help more animals like Ben

    Your £50 could help keep our animal ambulance running for 3 days
    Your £25 could provide a heat pad to keep an animal warm after surgery
    Your £10 could provide a cosy fleece blanket for one of our animals
    Your £5 could provide a healthy, nutritious meal for one of our residents

    You can make a donation quickly and easily using the buttons below or by calling us on 020 8206 5870. 

    [donate text=”Make a one-off donation now to help animals in need like Ben”]

    [link type=”primary” text=”Or set up a small regular donation” url=”” type=”secondary”]

    Thank you.

    Gillian Notton signature




    Gillian Notton, Head of Animal Welfare

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