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Caring For Older Dogs

Poor golden oldies, like Homie, are often overlooked in favour of younger dogs and puppies.


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By donating £10 today, you could help dogs like Homie get the medical treatment we need to cope with getting older.

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"From the moment Homie arrived at Mayhew, we all just fell in love with him.

It breaks our hearts that it takes so much longer for us to find permanent homes for older dogs like Homie. If we have puppies brought in, people are queuing around the block, but older dogs are often in our kennels or foster homes for many weeks.

A home for Homie

But older dogs like Homie do get ignored. So we do everything we can to give them the best possible medical treatment and the extra equipment they need, as well as trying to find them a forever home with a family who can see just how much happiness they will bring. For all of these reasons, it does cost more to look after an older dog.

Can you help us provide extra care for older dogs?

You could help us give older dogs the special equipment they often need to feel happy and settled – from raised feeding bowls to floormats that stop dogs slipping.

could pay for the special equipment dogs like Homie need to cope with getting older – like raised feeding bowls, non-slip floor mats and lower beds that are easier to climb onto.

could help dogs like Homie get the medical treatment they need to cope with getting older. We provide them with a full health check, plus any medication they need.

could help pay for a foster family to look after an older dog like Homie for 3 weeks. We cover all of the supplies that a foster family needs.

Meet the golden oldies who found their happily ever after

Homie isn't the only older dog who has struggled to find a home to call his own. We see many golden oldies come through Mayhew's doors who are overlooked in favour of younger dogs.

Chase was just the loving companion Sandra was looking for after her husband passed away

When Chase’s previous owner became too ill to care for her, we took in this gentle Labrador crossbreed and gave her special medicine to ease her stiff joints. Then Sandra got in touch, and the rest is history.

“After my husband passed away, I was very lonely,” Sandra says. “We were together for 50 years.” Chase was exactly the kind of canine companion she was hoping to find. “There is a lot to be said about adopting an older dog. We love each other.”

We looked after Dobbie for four months, until Maureen spotted the twinkle in his eye

Dobbie needed a lot of love when he arrived at Mayhew. Our vets removed a cyst from his eyelid and cleaned out his ears to get rid of a chronic infection. Every day for four months he hoped a new owner would take him home – and then Maureen came to visit.

“Dobbie is marvellous. We couldn’t have picked a better dog!” she says today. “He gets very cheeky and talks to me in his own way. “I wasn’t put off by the fact he was an older dog,” she adds. “I can’t find a fault with him.”

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