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    At Mayhew, we occasionally have cats brought into us who are not properly socialised with people and would prefer to live a more independent lifestyle. These cats wouldn’t cope well in a traditional pet home. In these situations, we will look elsewhere for rehoming solutions better suited to their needs.


    A 2 year old, neutered male. He has shown behaviours in a traditional pet home environment that indicate he would be unhappy being rehomed in such a way. He is therefore looking for a social home where he can enjoy physical and close interaction with people whilst not feeling confined. He would thrive in an environment with other friendly cats though this is not a necessity.


    A 3 year old, neutered female. She previously lived with humans but is under-socialised and does not enjoy physical contact or being approached too closely. She has lived with other cats previously and could do so again. Mimi is looking for a home where she will be allowed to do her own thing with no expectations from her owner of physical interactions. She would prefer an environment that wasn’t too busy with human footfall.