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  • Evie's life was hanging by a thread

    She was unable to move when she was found. Her leg was shattered and she was in severe pain.

    Rescuing Evie

    From her injuries, it looked as though she had been run over by a vehicle or even beaten with an iron bar. To make matters worse, Evie had been given poor veterinary treatment. Her leg was fractured in several places and the bandaging had caused severe infection to set in, which meant that her leg was becoming gangrenous. If she hadn’t been found, she would have died in agony on the street.

    Help dogs like Evie get life-saving care

    We’re working around the world to help dogs in need. Your gift could transform veterinary care for dogs like Evie.


    Make a difference to an animal in need!

    A life-saving operation

    Evie was brought to the New Vet Clinic in Tbilisi, where the vets Dato and Ana amputated her shattered and infected leg. Both Dato and Ana were trained by Mayhew. Their skills have given Evie the chance of a new life and she is now recovering well in foster care.

    The training Mayhew provided saved Evie’s life. But there will be many more dogs like her. By making a donation today, you could help injured and ill dogs receive the lifesaving treatment they need this winter and beyond.

    Dogs abroad urgently need your help

    A gift from you this Christmas could save the lives of animals in desperate need abroad. For example, in Tbilisi, Georgia, many dogs live wild on the streets, scavenging for food. Many of these homeless dogs become injured, yet there is little veterinary care for them.

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