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  • An Intro to Canine Body Language with Oli Juste
  • An Intro to Canine Body Language with Oli Juste

    • 7pm-8pm | February 24, 2021
    • Online

    This event has now sold out!

    Have you ever wondered how your dog was feeling or what they were thinking?

    Understanding your dog’s body language is an important part of communicating with your dog.

    Join dog trainer and behaviourist Oli Juste live online for an introduction to canine body language. During this live Zoom session, Oli will introduce you to signs of stress in dogs through a selection of videos, before holding a Q&A session. It’s the pawfect introduction to body language for all dog owners.

    Tickets: £15. Limited numbers available. All proceeds raised will go towards our work supporting dogs, cats and communities.

    How does it work?

    Purchase your ticket via the form below. Once you have made payment you will receive a confirmation email from our team. A Zoom link to join the event will be emailed to attendees at 6.30pm, Wednesday 24th February.

    *Please note Oli will not be providing behavioural advice on individual dogs/situations during the Q&A and this session should not be taken in lieu of seeing a vet, trainer or behaviourist where needed.

    Oli Juste online event

    About Oli

    Oli Juste is a licensed dog trainer using the Clever Dog Company Method and has helped many dog owners communicate with their dogs better by using positive reinforcement as well as science-based, force-free methods that make training fun for all.

    Oli has an award-winning training blog, hosts A Dog’s Best Friend podcast and is a trainer on Channel 4’s Puppy School.

    This event has now sold out!

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