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Dogs transform lives.

They bring happiness, share love and improve our mental health. This is why Mayhew invests in animal assisted therapy. Now we want to share this joy with the world by creating the internet’s very own dog therapy thread.


How can you get involved?

Share a photo or video of a dog that has brought you happiness with our hashtag #DogsTransformingLives on social media. Tag two of your favourite friends to join in and share theirs too!

Bringing happiness

Sue and Cassie have been together for 6 years. Sue adopted Cassie from Mayhew when she was 9 years old and they have been best friends ever since. Cassie has transformed Sue's life. She told us that Cassie gets her up in the morning!

Why are we using #DogsTransformingLives?

Mayhew runs an animal assisted therapy programme called TheraPaws. Our team of TheraPaws volunteers take their therapy dogs into care and residential homes, hospitals, hospices and day centres across London to engage with residents, provide companionship and brighten up their day.

We believe that animal assisted therapy has a transformative impact on the people that our volunteers visit.

More about TheraPaws

The evidence

Our team have been working with Middlesex University to undertake research into whether animal assisted therapy has a positive impact on residents of care homes. We looked at:
• The impact of the Therapaws programme on care home residents overall wellbeing and quality of life
• The experiences of residents, volunteers, and their dogs of participating in the programme, the perceived benefits and adverse effects
• The experiences of care home staff of having TheraPaws visits in their places of work

Want to know more?

Share our campaign!

We hope you will get involved with our #DogsTransformingLives campaign and help us share the happiness that dogs bring to all of us.

Want to find out more about our TheraPaws programme?

Visit our TheraPaws page to find out about our volunteers and where they work.

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