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    Please donate towards a welcome kit for dogs and cats in crisis

    We’re seeing record numbers of dogs and cats coming through our doors right now, and many of them are in crisis.

    They need urgent care and attention, and a safe place to get back on their paws. With your help, we want to welcome them all with the love, care and support they deserve.

    When Matty arrived at Mayhew, it was clear he had been suffering from neglect. His ears were weighed down by two kilos of matts on both sides and he had chronic infections in both ear canals. He was shut down and timid, but he seemed relieved to be here and gently leant into our carers for affection.

    Thanks to kind donations, we were able to provide Matty with gentle care, lots of treats and a safe and loving space to recuperate.

    Because of supporters like you, he has truly transformed and been given a second chance in life.

    Will you be a part of our Crisis Appeal and pay towards a welcome kit for the next animal that arrives at Mayhew?

    Yes, I'll help

    Just recently, on a sweltering hot day, we discovered five vulnerable kittens left on our doorstep in a cardboard box. It’s scary to think what might have happened to them if we hadn’t found them in time. Just 6 weeks old, torn from their mother and suddenly all alone - you can imagine how distressing this must have been for them.

    Your donation could mean a dog or cat is lovingly welcomed with a vet check, a warm blanket, nutritious food and treats and other essentials. Today you could help more animals be safe, healthy and feel loved in their moment of crisis.

    Donate now