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    Mayhew's Animal Welfare Officers rescue abandoned or mistreated animals every day.

    We also work with the local community to rescue abandoned or mistreated animals.

    Many of the animals that arrive at Mayhew have been abandoned or found as strays. We are often called by helpful members of the public who alert us to animals who are in distress or roaming the local streets. Our Animal Welfare Officers will then respond to these calls and go to help the animal in need. The animals are often treated by our community vet clinic. Once they are back to full health, we will then help them to find a new, loving family.

    The reality of puppy farms

    Cyril arrived with us after he was attacked by another dog. He was covered in deep wounds, had matted fur and was missing teeth. We suspect he'd been kept in poor conditions on a puppy farm.

    This is how we helped Cyril recover and get back on his paws.

    Infested with fleas

    At just 8-weeks-old these tiny kittens were abandoned. They had the worst infestation of fleas our vets had ever seen, and if they hadn't been found when they did, it's unlikely they would have survived another day.

    This is how we saved them.

    You can help us to keep rescuing animals from situations where they suffer cruelty and neglect.

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