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Give a loving home this Christmas

This year has been difficult for so many people across the UK. We’ve experienced separation, worry and even loss at a level most of us have never known. For many of us, our four-legged friends have seen us through these uncertain times with companionship and unwavering devotion.


How you can help

The demand for our services is high – a lot of people adopted pets during the pandemic and are now realising they may not be able to look after them. This means we’ll be doing all we can to find these animals loving new homes, but the increase in need means we’re struggling to keep up. We’re asking for your help this Christmas so we can care for more animals in need – like Krusty, Dolly, and Chocy below...

A gift of £10 could provide life-saving veterinary care. Every animal who comes through our doors can get the very best care, including flea treatment, a fleece blanket and more.

A larger gift of £25 could help towards a Fostering Journey for an animal at Mayhew, enabling them to take their first step on the way to a loving new home.

With an especially generous gift of £50, you could help pay for a Rehoming Package – ensuring an animal has a loving home this Christmas or at the start of the new year.

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Make a difference to an animal in need!

When we couldn’t be with loved ones last Christmas, our pets kept our spirits up.

Sadly, some dogs and cats weren’t so lucky as to have a family to be with last Christmas. At Mayhew, we kept our doors open to make sure as many as possible had love, care, and a place to call home. Thankfully, most of them will be spending this Christmas with their new forever families. But there’ll be more just like them over the coming weeks – abused, abandoned, or unable to be looked after by their owner anymore, and desperate to be loved. And we’ll be there for them once more. We're gearing up for a busy Christmas at Mayhew, with lots of dogs and cats in our care hoping for new homes.

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Give a loving home this Christmas

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Make a difference to an animal in need!