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    Timothy is a bit of a legend in the hallowed offices at Mayhew. He is the newest office cat to lord it up and is just loving all the attention. His one curly whisker and fluffy toe beans are often on display as he endeavours to be part of the gang. He is not without his naughty side as he knows what he wants, but for the most part Tim Tam (as he’s known to the locals) just wants to sit on a lap or by your side. He could live with children aged 14+ so long as they are confident and used to being around cats as he will tell you off if not in the mood and you’ll need to be comfortable with grooming cats too as he is not so keen on having a brush. So if you want to be part of Timothy’s growing legacy make sure you keep on reading to find out about the rest of his re-homing requirements and his medical history…

    Timothy is on hold!

    Timothy is currently on hold. Please check back soon!

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    • Age
    • 5 years 3 months old
    • Colour
    • Tabby & White
    • Sex
    • male
    • Reason for arrival
    • Stray
    • Can be left alone?
    • No Longer than 6 hours
    • Can live with dogs?
    • No
    • Can live with cats?
    • No
    • Can live with children?
    • Yes
    • Garden required?
    • Yes
    • Medical conditions?
    • See 'Other Notes' section for more info

    Other Notes

    We suspect that Timothy has Flea Allergic Dermaititis (FAD). This is a reaction to flea bites with his symptoms including, itchiness and small scabs on his neck. We have controlled these symptoms with prescription flea treatment and steroid tablets (anti-inflammatory). Rigid flea control is essential to alleviate symptoms of FAD and most cat's issues can be controlled with the use of effective flea control products alone. However, some cases may require continued medications (including steroids) to help control their condition. If he requires long term steroids, these are relatively inexpensive (est £10 per month excluding any veterinary consultations). The ultimate goal will be to wean him off steroids completely and rely on the rigid flea control alone. There are alternative anti-allergy medications you can discuss with your own vets if required but at present he is doing well under his current treatment plan. He currently has half a tablet wrapped in a meaty stick which he eats without any bother, which makes him a very good boy!

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    Timothy is on hold!

    Timothy is currently on hold. Please check back soon!

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