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Tiger should probably be called Tigger as he does love to bounce about and has lots of energy to burn. This friendly chap has been prescribed some R&R after he had some surgery on his hip but he is just so darn curious he can’t help but get involved. This is why he will need a home where he can be given lots of things to keep him entertained and find some loving humans who will keep an eye out for him and make sure he doesn't over-do it. In return you'll get lots of fuss and cuddles from this handsome chap. He could live with children aged around 8years old so long as they are calm and respectful as although he likes to play it’s important, he can have some chill out time too. So, if you like your Tiger stripes a little grey but fun around the edges, keep reading to be sure you can give him the fur-ever home he deserves…

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Tiger today

  • Age
  • 9 months old
  • Colour
  • Tabby
  • Sex
  • male
  • Reason for arrival
  • Owner Emigrating
  • Can be left alone?
  • No Longer than 6 hours
  • Can live with dogs?
  • No
  • Can live with cats?
  • Possibly (please read 'other notes' section below)
  • Can live with children?
  • Yes (See Description Above)
  • Garden required?
  • Yes
  • Medical conditions?
  • See 'Other Notes' section for more info

Other Notes

Tiger has been behaviourally assessed and given preventative treatment at Mayhew in the form of microchipping, neutering (previously done before arriving at Mayhew), vaccinations (at least first) and flea and worming treatment. During his stay Tiger required surgery to an old hip injury. The hip was dislocated and there was damage to the head of the femur. The surgical procedure was a right femoral head ostectomy where the head of the femur that sits in the hip joint is removed. This is done to restore the mobility in the hip. This is a common procedure in cats. As long as there is no bone-to bone contact then Tiger shouldn’t show any discomfort. He may show mild lameness from not having a true right hip joint, but the main aim is for him not to have any discomfort/pain. A post operative radiograph didn’t show any concerns so Tiger should be able to have good pain free use of his right hind leg in the future. Lastly he could also possibly live with another cat so long as they are used to living with another and can cope with Tiger's energy levels as he can get a bit boisterous at times.

Tiger is available

If you are interested in adopting Tiger, please read the information below including the 'Other notes' section, to check your circumstances match theirs. If they do, please take a look at our current rehoming process, and fill out an application form.

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