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    Pippen is an amazing little girl full of character and charm and just loves to snuggle around your neck and blur the lines between personal space. She has a playful, fearless nature and is a real survivor who just wants to make the most of every moment she gets. She loves her fuss and has lots of fun playing and chasing a ball about the place. She could live with children aged around 6+ so long as they are chilled and respectful as Pippen wants a home where she can have fun but be respected for the awesome kitty she is. So, if you and Pippen want go shoot some hoops or go down the shire make sure you keep reading to be sure you can give her the fur-ever home she deserves…

    • Age
    • 4 months old
    • Colour
    • Black/White
    • Sex
    • female
    • Reason for arrival
    • Mum arrived with Kittens
    • Can be left alone?
    • No Longer than 4 hours
    • Can live with dogs?
    • No
    • Can live with cats?
    • No
    • Can live with children?
    • Yes (See Description Above)
    • Garden required?
    • Yes
    • Medical conditions?
    • See 'Other Notes' section for more info

    Other Notes

    When Pippen was a bit younger and smaller we noticed that she was drinking a lot of water. Mayhew vets carried out various tests on her which indicated a potential kidney issue. Pippen went through a period of medical assessment and subsequently showed no further abnormal signs and further testing has come back normal, including ultrasound of her kidneys, urine testing and blood tests as well. Our vets are unsure of the cause of her initial problems but are happy she does not have any on-going issues relating to her kidney function. Like all our cats she has also been behaviourally assessed and given preventative treatment at Mayhew in the form of microchipping, neutering, vaccinations (at least first) and flea and worming treatment.

    Foster Carer Comments

    I have to say she is the most wonderful little girl, she is excellent with children, plays well, loves attention and cuddles and if working on the computer will lay in my arm like a baby or sit on my shoulder or anywhere she can get comfy whilst being as close as possible to her human (the pictures show it all). She loves balls and chasing them, she loves company and knows how to be gentle with little people. She has never once scratched or bitten and follows us around all over the home. At night-time she likes to sleep on my pillow behind my head and nibble my hair and lick my face!! she loves human contact and play times and deserves a home where she will be adored.

    Pippen is on hold!

    Pippen is currently on hold. Please check back soon!

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