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Klash is a lively little lady who doesn't have the longest attention span in the world, being distracted with things like her tail or toys. This is why she’ll need a home packed full of fun things to do. She loves her toys and is all about having fun and playing. She has tons of energy too so a home that can keep up with all her antics will be a must. When she is not busy investigating she will pop over and sit on your lap and enjoy her fuss and cuddles, but she is a free spirit who wants to explore the big wide world and make lots of friends doing it. She was a bit unsettled at first but now that she knows it’s all safe she is so much happier and ready to dip her paws into the next adventure and with any luck that will be with you by her side.

I’m On Hold!

My status will update soon

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  • Age
  • 2 years 7 months old
  • Colour
  • Tabby
  • Sex
  • female
  • Reason for arrival
  • Mum arrived with Kittens
  • Can be left alone?
  • Yes (please read notes)
  • Can live with dogs?
  • No
  • Can live with cats?
  • No
  • Can live with children?
  • Yes (please read notes)
  • Garden required?
  • Yes
  • Medical conditions?
  • None known

Other Notes

Klash is ok be left for a full working day but will need a cat flap fitted regardless of your working hours. She is a lively character so would enjoy the chance to go outside. We feel that she would be ok living with experienced teenagers and she will need to be the only cat in your household. During her stay at Mayhew Klash has had no medical concerns and is now looking for a place to call her own. When it comes to your cats health we strongly recommend pet insurance and give all new adopters four weeks free from the point you take your cat home. It should be noted that insurance may not cover any of a cats medical issues (be that before or during their stay at Mayhew) on a permanent or temporary basis when you take out a new policy. Before any cat leaves Mayhew it will always be microchipped, neutered, treated for fleas and worms (these treatments are on-going) and their vaccination courses are at the very least started (most need two before moving on to a yearly schedule). All Mayhew cats have been behaviourally and medically assessed which informs our re-homing criteria and allows us to pass on information to you as adopters prior to taking on the commitment of adopting a cat. This commitment can be up-to 20 years so make sure you have looked into the costs involved in caring for a cat, including insurance, veterinary fees and general care (food, litter, toys etc). At all stages of the adoption process we consider everything that can affect the cat and is why we carry out home visits to make sure they will be happy in their new surroundings before sending them home. What we will never do is compromise a cats welfare by letting them be adopted into the wrong home environment. That would not be fair to the cat or you as prospective adopters. We take care to match you with a suitable companion and hope that our years of experience can guide you in the process of giving a cat its new fur-ever home.

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I’m On Hold!

My status will update soon

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