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    Kittens (Pairs)

    We currently have one pair of kittens available for adoption: Mandy & Kerry (Both black) arrived along with their mum and some other siblings and are now ready to find a new home to call their own. They are both friendly little cats with Mandy being the braver of the two sisters. Kerry is a bit wary and gets scared by loud noises so sometimes takes a moment before popping out to say hello. They are both playful and love tunnels and ping pong balls and are very sweet and purry. They would be ok living with children aged 15+ so long as they are respectful. With Mandy’s old leg injury its important to play conservatively and with Kerry calmly as not to spook her. Ideally any members of the family will need to have had some previous cat care experience and they will appreciate a home that lets them be cat’s and express normal behaviours. They will also enjoy a garden and would appreciate a cat flap if possible so they can be free to explore their own patch on their own terms. Mandy arrived with an old fracture to her leg. Its healed well but you may see some lameness from time to time. Mayhew can possibly provide more x-rays within 6months of adoption if needed to check the fracture site but will not be able to provide any further care should it be needed.

    I’m on hold!

    I am currently on hold. Please check back soon!

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    • Age
    • 2 months old
    • Colour
    • Black
    • Sex
    • female
    • Reason for arrival
    • Mum arrived with Kittens
    • Can be left alone?
    • No Longer than 4 hours
    • Can live with dogs?
    • No
    • Can live with cats?
    • No
    • Can live with children?
    • Yes (please read notes)
    • Garden required?
    • Yes
    • Medical conditions?
    • Treated for a few bits in past but all fine now

    Other Notes

    All Mayhew cats have been behaviourally and medically assessed which informs our re-homing criteria and allows us to pass on information to you as adopters prior to taking on the commitment of adopting a cat. This commitment can be up-to 20 years so when it comes to adopting a cat you are expected to maintain their health by being able to provide and afford veterinary care for their lifetime. This can be expensive which is why we strongly recommend pet insurance and give all new adopters four weeks free from the point you take your cat home. It should be noted that insurance may not cover any of a cats previous medical issues (be that before or during their stay at Mayhew) on a permanent or temporary basis when you take out a new policy. You are also expected to provide a suitable environment for a cat to live in. This should include (in 99% of cases) direct access to a garden so the cat can establish a territory and have places to exhibit normal cat behaviours.They should also feel safe and comfortable in their own home which is why for every cat it isn’t suitable they live with another animal. Too often people will have experienced cats who live in multi cat households and when one cat passes away their remaining cat becomes more affectionate. A classic case of this cat being happier on its own. At all stages of the adoption process we consider everything that can affect the cat and is why we will never compromise a cat’s welfare by letting them be adopted into the wrong home environment. That would not be fair to the cat or you as prospective adopters. We take care to match you with a suitable companion and hope that our years of experience can guide you in the process of giving a cat its new fur-ever home. You must also provide a balanced and healthy diet and this may differ across a cats lifetime. Obesity is s real problem in cats as well as dental care so be sure to seek the right veterinary advice to keep your cat healthy for a lifetime shared together. Before any cat leaves Mayhew it will always be microchipped, neutered, treated for fleas and worms (these treatments are on-going) and their vaccination courses are at the very least started (most need two before moving on to a yearly schedule). You will also have to complete a successful Home Visit and conducted an interview before you can reserve any animal and paid the Adoption fee (£80 per cat) before taking the cat home.

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    I’m on hold!

    I am currently on hold. Please check back soon!

    Meet All Cats

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