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    Chickpea is a sweet, affectionate little lady who will have you wrapped around her calico paws in no time at all. She loves to be spoiled and will happily curl up on your lap all day if you let her! She would need a cat flap fitted regardless of working hours and a chilled out stress free home to help her settle in. Chickpea is a lady who knows what she wants and will let you know if she is not in the mood. But above all she needs a loving home who will go the extra mile to see her happy of body and mind. If that sounds like you then keep on reading to find out more about her medical history and a word from her current foster carer…

    Chickpea has been reserved

    Chickpea has been reserved. Please take a look at our other animals looking for homes.

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    • Age
    • 1 years 5 months old
    • Colour
    • Calico
    • Sex
    • female
    • Reason for arrival
    • Mum arrived with Kittens
    • Can be left alone?
    • Full working day
    • Can live with dogs?
    • No
    • Can live with cats?
    • No
    • Can live with children?
    • No
    • Garden required?
    • Yes
    • Medical conditions?
    • See 'Other Notes' section for more info

    Other Notes

    Chickpea has had ongoing soft motions. Mayhew vets have not found a cause but believe it to be a food intolerance. She is eating a special food diet and is currently on steroidal treatment in the form of a tablet each day which she takes well and is keeping her stomach stable. She is bright and happy in herself but she should stay on this special food diet and steroids until you have had chance to discuss and review her issues with your own private vet.

    Foster Carer Comments

    Chickpea has been an absolute delight to foster. She is a great companion and likes to spend her time in the same room as you - and preferably on your lap. She is a confident, affectionate little girl and can often be found rolling around on the floor requesting strokes, but in true calico style she will let you know when she has had enough! She has a funny croaky little miaow which she is not afraid to use when she thinks you're not paying her enough attention. Her main hobbies are birdwatching, sunbathing and killing her feather toys, also she has a bit of an obsession with my hair elastics and will play with them for ages. Her tummy issues have come along in leaps and bounds with her special food and medication regime, and her litter box etiquette is impeccable. I will certainly miss her when she goes and her new family will be very lucky to have her!

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    Chickpea has been reserved

    Chickpea has been reserved. Please take a look at our other animals looking for homes.

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