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    Carter and Andrea

    Carter (Black male) and Andrea (Tabby female) are a georgeous pair who are looking for their forever home after being abandoned in a box outside Mayhew. They like to take life at their own pace, obverving new thing and people at a distance before feeling comfortable to approach. They love a cuddle, but must be in the mood for it as generally play is far more fun! Andrea is slightly more confidant and seeks more attention than Carter. She will even sink into your arms when picked up and will settle with you for ages. Carter can be a little more aloof and really dislikes being picked up, but he'll come and snuggle up next to you on his own terms.

    Carter and Andrea is on hold!

    Carter and Andrea is currently on hold. Please check back soon!

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    • Age
    • 5 months old
    • Colour
    • Tabby & Black
    • Sex
    • Male & Female
    • Reason for arrival
    • Abandoned
    • Can be left alone?
    • No Longer than 6 hours
    • Can live with dogs?
    • No
    • Can live with cats?
    • No
    • Can live with children?
    • No
    • Garden required?
    • Yes (private garden)
    • Medical conditions?
    • None known

    Other Notes

    Andrea and Carter will need a quieter home without children due to having a more nervous disposition. They will need access to a private garden via a catflap. They're semi long haired so they will need regular grooming once they are settled and bonded with their new owner

    Foster Carer Comments

    These two kittens will bring a lot of cute and fluffy joy to your home as you develop your bond with them over time. They mainly enjoy direct attention at their own pace but can easily and instantly be engaged through play time and toys if you want to initiate attention, giving you the best of both worlds. I have no doubt that the more time you bond with them, the more their connection will grow with you. Do be patient along the way and give them the space they want if they (rarely) choose not to engag

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    Carter and Andrea is on hold!

    Carter and Andrea is currently on hold. Please check back soon!

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