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    Brollita is a very special little kitten who was found wobbling along the streets. It was lucky she was found as without some special care and attention she may not have survived long in the big bad world. She has proven to be an absolute dream patient and has done ever so well after she was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This is caused by an infection passed down by the mother which affects the motor skills of the cat. In Brollita’s case she is a bit unsteady on her feet especially when she focusses on things or when she runs about. Despite this she has not let anything hold her back and is climbing up her scratch post and playing like a trooper. She now needs an extra special home with people who will give her lots of love and affection so she can enjoy the second chance she's been given and feel the love and companionship she truly deserves.

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    • Age
    • 3 months old
    • Colour
    • Calico
    • Sex
    • female
    • Reason for arrival
    • Stray
    • Can be left alone?
    • Yes (please read notes)
    • Can live with dogs?
    • No
    • Can live with cats?
    • No
    • Can live with children?
    • Yes (please read notes)
    • Garden required?
    • Yes - Ideally an enclosed garden but large indoor properties considered too
    • Medical conditions?
    • Cerebellar Hypoplasia

    Other Notes

    Due to her condition Brollita will need some extra care and attention to make sure she doesn’t have any tumbles while she is settling in so can only be left alone for a few hours at a time. All young cats need extra socialising and supervision and kittens are no different. This will help them develop in to well-rounded adult cats that can be a happy part of the family for a lifetime to come. A popular misconception is that all kittens are social butterflies and can live with children of all ages. Sadly this is not always the case as it really depends on how well socialised they have been at a certain age when growing up which will dictate how confident they are when they reach us at Mayhew. Brollita is a bit of a unique case which is why we are looking for a home where all the household are cat friendly and have owned lots of cats over the years and likley quite recently. With this in mind Brollita is a sweet little girl and could actually live with sensible teenagers so long as she likes who she meets and we feel they will be respectful towards her. All the family will need to be present so they can have input in the decison when it comes to reservation and we have weekend appointmnets to accomodate this. We have always worked with the cats that come into our care to help them become friendlier and happier from the point they arrived but what we will never do is compromise their welfare by letting them be adopted into the wrong home environment. That is not fair to the cat or you as prospective adopters. As such Brollita may not be suitable for everyone but with so many kittens and cats to choose from every year a little patience will go a long way when it comes to finding the perfect new addition to the family. Every adoption is unique and we want to make sure all our cats are happy and cared for so we recommend pet insurance and you must register with a local vet. Vet costs vary so please look into the expense involved in caring for a cat. Brollita has been neutered, microchipped, 1st vaccine (at least) given and is up to date with her flea & worm treatments. She has also been health checked and behaviourally assessed which all help to guide our re-homing criteria. We are looking for a home without any cats or dogs as she may not be able to defend herself or her movements may seem a bit strange to another animal causing her to be bullied. We are also hoping to find her a home that would have a secure enclosed garden so she can enjoy fresh air and feel the grass under her paws. We would however be open to a large scale indoor home as well. One other thing to consider is stairs as she would be safer on one level or in a home without too many stairs as she could easily fall down them. As for her medical history she had a bit of an upset stomach which is now on the mend. Brollita does have Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a condition caused by panleucopaenia virus infecting the mother in late pregnancy. The cerebellum is going through rapid growth and development making it vulnerable to the virus. The cerebellum is the portion of the brain that controls fine motor skills, balance and coordination. The condition is not painful or contagious and she will be able to have as normal a life as possible. The condition should also not affect her lifespan. There is no cure for this Illness but she should learn to adjust and cope with her condition the more she gets used to it. There are no treatment costs but insurance will not cover her pre existing condition. Mayhew vets are also happy to talk to you about her condition to set your mind at ease. All she needs now is the very best home!

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