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    I’ve been looking for a home for so long now.

    My name is Bowie and I’m a Staffie cross.

    That’s me in the picture opposite – I might look like a happy and distinguished old lady, but in my heart I’m desperately sad. I’ve been waiting for a new home for nearly a year now but nobody wants me. Here at Mayhew, there are a few of us ‘long-stayers’ that end up living in the kennels for a number of months. Everyone who looks after us is so friendly and caring, but my heart is aching for the love and comforts of a proper forever home.

    It costs Mayhew an awful lot of money to look after us long-stayers.

    A gift of £10 from you today could help to keep vulnerable and lonely pets like me warm and safe at Mayhew while they find us new homes.

    Will you be there for me this Christmas by making a gift of £10?

    A gift of £10 from you today could help to pay for the food, toys and blankets to put an old dog like me at their ease during their stay at Mayhew.

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    Christmas at Mayhew

    I’m desperate to find a new home by Christmas, and your donation could help that happen. But even if I have to stay here longer, the staff at Mayhew will be coming in this Christmas, to make sure we’re all happy and nobody feels left out. I’ve heard they’re going to put up a tree and give each of us our own special present. I’m so grateful to them all for giving up their Christmas day and I can’t wait for a tasty treat or perhaps a special gift to open on the day.

    Donate today

    Could you help us take care of Bowie over Christmas?

    could help to pay for the food, toys and blankets

    could help Mayhew cover the costs of fostering

    could help Mayhew keep the centre open over Christmas

    could help cover things like operations for long-stayers