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    • 05 Nov, 2015

    Alone, cold and unloved

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    Mindy was abandoned in a cold, damp cage. When we found her, she was barely recognisable as a dog. Mindy had been abandoned by her owner and left in a tiny cage. She was cold, wet and absolutely terrified.

    More upsetting was that because she’d been neglected and unloved for so long, she had developed a shocking case of mange. She’d lost nearly all of her coat and every time she scratched herself her skin itched and burned. The pain must have been unbearable. We brought poor Mindy into the warmth and safety of The Mayhew Animal Home. We fed her, comforted her and treated her mange. Slowly she began to improve.

    Just look at her now! She’s like a different dog. Her coat is back and she has a wonderful sparkle in her eye. We worked tirelessly to find her a loving new ‘forever home’, far away from the horrific experience she’s been through.

    Mindy after_2

    Mindy today – healing well and looking amazing

    This story only has a happy ending because of animal lovers like you. So please – will you help us bring more animals like Mindy to safety?

    Will you help us?

    Mindy’s story is distressing, but it’s far from unusual. The sad reality is that, every year, The Mayhew Animal Home takes in hundreds of dogs and cats from the London streets. These are animals that, through no fault of their own, are abandoned with no one to look after them.

    So we bring them to safety, treat them, show them a ffection, get them back on their feet and, fingers crossed, find them a new home with someone who really cares. Isn’t this what every animal deserves? We have a very simple vision here. It’s a society where animals are treated and cared for with respect. Nothing else matters to us. Which is why you also have our word that we will never put a healthy animal to sleep.

    Perry was in a horrific state…

    Perry, a stray cat, had been wearing a collar made of rubber. He’d somehow managed to push his front leg through it and trap it. With every step, the collar cut deeper and deeper into the flesh around his shoulder blade, causing agonising pain. The wound was also badly infected; we thought he might lose his leg – or worse.


    Our vet team rushed Perry into surgery. They removed the collar, cleaned the infected wound and performed three complex surgeries to save his leg. A few months later and Perry is up and about – on all four legs!

    Mindy and Perry are the lucky ones

    The Mayhew Animal Home receives no government funding to support our life-saving work. Every single penny comes from our generous and compassionate supporters. Each rescue, every course of medication, all our educational initiatives… None of them would be possible without help. Thousands of animals in danger count on the kindness of animal lovers like you. Will you help us?

    £71.40 could help provide specialist treatment, medication and equipment in our veterinary clinic for a dog brought in with life threatening injuries
    £24.40 could help provide two weeks’ worth of quality food for a neglected and hungry animal
    £11.15 could help provide a course of vaccinations to prevent fatal illnesses
    £5.26 could help provide medication to prevent parasites causing pain and distress for a cat or dog

    To send a gift, please click the buttons below or call us on 020 8206 5870.

    [donate text=”Make a one-off donation now to help animals like Mindy and Perry”]

    [link type=”primary” text=”Or set up a small regular donation” url=”” type=”secondary”]

    Thank you

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    Gillian Notton, Head of Animal Welfare


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