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    • 17 Apr, 2017

    Abused and in Distress

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    Tiger was a very friendly, joyful dog, who loved interacting with people. But disaster struck when a stranger took advantage of his good nature and cruelly tied a steel wire around his waist. This blocked his urinary tract, causing excruciating pain.

    Tiger’s captor went on to hit him in the eye, cutting into him and causing a terrible wound. Unsurprisingly, this had a massive impact on Tiger’s personality so that he became very wary and aggressive.

    Nevertheless, local charity, HOPE and Animal Trust, were able to capture him and take him in. He was treated immediately by Mayhew International sponsored vets, who addressed the damage caused by the steel wire and removed his wounded eye so that Tiger was no longer throbbing with pain. 

    Over time, as he experienced all the TLC he deserved, he was slowly transformed back from a hostile, injured dog to a sociable, approachable dog. Tiger enjoyed his time with the HOPE team recovering at the clinic, and when he was back to full health,neutered and vaccinated, he was released back into the community where he continues to be monitored.

    Bali was emaciated and in agony. Her neck was inflamed, covered in red sores and a terrible, gaping hole had developed through which she was breathing. Owing to her infection, people continually chased her away in the busy marketplace where she lived.

    A Mayhew International sponsored vet with poor Bali.

    Thankfully, someone felt sorry for her and called HOPE for help. They took her into their care to arrange for her recovery with the help of the Mayhew International sponsored vet team. Dr. Ajoy carried out surgery on Bali so she could breathe normally again and without pain. Today she is, fit, happy and healthy, living back in the market after being spayed and vaccinated by HOPE.

    Bali post operation with a healed throat.

    Mayhew International has been working with the HOPE and Animal Trust since 2006, funding their neutering and vaccination services and sponsoring the vet team, including Dr. Ajoy.

    Mayhew International also funds an Education Officer for HOPE, who goes out into schools and communities to educate people of all ages on truly empathising with animals, how to prevent rabies and why neutering can benefit both dogs and people.

    With your help, we can continue to help animals suffering needlessly. Since 2012, we have neutered 53,794 dogs in India, Russia Afghanistan and Georgia. In India, Georgia and Afghanistan, we vaccinated nearly 52,384 dogs against rabies in the same time period. Our compassion and welfare education program in India has reached 270,155 people since 2014.

    Mayhew International does not receive government funding, relying instead on the donations made by generous supporters.

    With your help, we can continue to help and develop local organisations like HOPE and Animal Trust in Ranchi and rescue more suffering animals like Bali and Tiger. Please help us to help them by making a donation today.

    • £100 could go towards the cost of training an overseas vet for our projects abroad
    • £50 could provide vital surgical supplies and equipment for our neutering programmes
    • £30 could help to fund education programmes raising awareness about animal welfare in local communities
    • £10 could could help us buy vaccinations to stop the spread of disease among street dogs

    [donate text=”Donate to help us continue with our vital work” source=”TigerAndBali”]

    [link type=”primary” text=”Or set up a regular donation” url=”” type=”secondary”]

    Thank you for your generous support.

    Caroline Yates, CEO

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