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Mayhew International


Mayhew International works to promote companion animal welfare and the humane management of street animal populations and homeless cats and dogs through a range of community animal care initiatives and access to veterinary training.

Our work with vets interested in this area of animal welfare has a special significance for international development, benefiting and empowering communities in developing countries, many of whom rely on their animals for support.

What do we do?

  • We advocate neutering as the most humane method of dealing with the overpopulation of companion animals.
  • We offer information and advice on the setting up and running of neutering and vaccination programmes.
  • We collaborate with other animal welfare organisations, local groups and university veterinary faculties to provide a high standard of animal health and welfare for street and stray animals.
  • We work with governments and local authorities in an advisory capacity to improve the health and welfare conditions of companion animals under their jurisdiction.
  • We offer training for overseas veterinary personnel and animal welfare organisations.

Our work stretches to places as far afield as Russia, Afghanistan, India and Peru.

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Set up a small monthly donation to help Mayhew International


Mayhew International helps to fund animal birth control projects and treats thousands of innocent animals around the globe. You could help us do so much more by making a one-off donation or setting up a small, regular payment.

To help our work please visit, call 020 8206 5870 or send a cheque to Mayhew International to:

The Mayhew Animal Home
Trenmar Gardens
Kensal Green
NW10 6BJ