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Vet Student Placements (EMS)


Whilst the universities are responsible for teaching the skills that the student needs to practise when they first graduate (the ‘Day One Competences’), it is on EMS placements that students can further practise the animal handling and clinical skills that they first learn at university, as well as build up their experience of dealing with clients and with members of the veterinary team. New graduates are therefore able to ‘hit the ground running’ having developed their Day One competences whilst on EMS placements during their degree course.

EMS at The Mayhew

The aim of EMS is to enable students to gain practical experience in as many aspects of veterinary work as possible, including the handling of animals, to achieve proficiency in routine techniques, and give students first hand experience which will help them to develop as professionals. with The Mayhew, EMS will enable students to:

  • Develop their animal handling skills across a range of common domestic species
  • Develop their understanding of practice economics and practice management
  • Develop their understanding and gain further experience of medical and surgical treatments in a variety of species
  • Develop communication skills for all aspects of veterinary work
  • Appreciate the importance of animal welfare
  • Gain experience to help them appreciate the ethical and legal responsibilities of the veterinary surgeon in relation to individual clients, animals, the community and society

How to apply

Vet students who are interested in applying for an EMS placement should contact our Chief Vet Ursula Goetz, MRCVS, CVO but should be aware that placements are very much in demand and should apply as soon as possible, usually at least one year in advance.

Did you know? The Mayhew also offers voluntary placements for overseas vets living in the UK studying for the MRCVS registration or wanting to gain experience in a busy, charitable veterinary practice.