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Sleeping with Dogs – Brian Sewell’s latest book

Brian Sewell, adopter and supporter of The Mayhew, has written a book chronicling his lifelong canine relationships. Sleeping with Dogs is a deeply touching account of the lives and very different characters of seventeen dogs, with all of whom Brian shared his bed, and who richly rewarded him with loyalty and affection.

Read an extract from the book:

My grief was gentled by a relatively new addition to the household in the form of an Alsatian puppy named Winck. I found her on a visit to the Mayhew Animal Home in North-West London in the spring of 2000.  I was there to take part in a BBC television programme about abandoned puppies, not to come home with one of my own, but from the moment I saw Winck there I was utterly seduced. When I let her off the lead for the first time on Wimbledon Common she ran like an arrow for a hundred yards, then stopped, turned round, ran back — and I’d swear that for the rest of her life she was never more than 20 or 30 yards away from me.

To purchase your copy of Sleeping with Dogs, click here.


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